Dit meisje reist de wereld rond en fotografeert alles wat ze eet

Melissa Hie van de blog Girl Eat World reist al een paar jaar de wereld rond en maakt van alles wat ze eet een te gekke foto. 

Tijdens haar eerste echte reis door Europa in 2013 was Hie voornamelijk alleen. Omdat ze zich bezwaard voelde om random mensen op straat te vragen foto’s te maken en ze niet zo dol is op selfies, besloot ze van alles wat ze at een foto te maken.

Op haar blog Girl Eat World schrijft ze over waar ze is geweest en wat ze heeft gegeten, en op haar Instagram-account zie je de enthousiasmerende foto’s.

Het bijzondere aan de foto’s is dat je niet alleen het eten ziet, maar vooral ook de plek waar de foto is genomen. Zo zie je eetbare pandabeertjes in Japan, maar ook dadelkoekjes in de woestijn van Jordanië.

???? The cuuuutest handmade cat donut from Floresta Nature Donuts @floresta_nature_doughnuts at Shin Kyogoku 新京極 Market in Kyoto. These are called Doubutsu Donut どうぶつドーナツ or "Animal Donut". I have wanted one since I saw them on instagram awhile back! These animal donuts became a sensation about 4 years ago, created by Floresta in Nara. Due to the massive success of the animal donuts, they now have branches all over Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, etc)! There are many different animal designs, but this cat donut is one of their original designs. The donuts are all cake-based and the ears are made of almonds. So adorable! Special thanks to my friend @soulstruck for the tips ❤️! @op.118 and I practically ran to find these donuts when you told us there is one near Nishiki Market! #ShotOniPhone6s #ShotOniPhone6sPlus #toocutetoeat #floresta #どうぶつドーナツ #donutscookiesandcream #eeeeeats #buzzfeedfood

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A little clementine ? at Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon ?? I know it's crazy, but it is now the last five days of 2015 (!!) I will be posting once a day until December 31st, five of my favorite #GirlEatWorld stories from 2015… Starting with this one from the Myanmar trip I took in January with @sceetheworld. Why clementine? ? I was pretty much obsessed with this fruit throughout the trip. They are easy to peel, so sweet and seedless, goes for $1 for half a dozen and there seem to be no shortage of them in each burmese city we visited. It became my go-to snack! Shwedagon Pagoda is believed to be constructed 2,600 years ago and contains relics of four Buddhas. In the modern day, it has become an important political arena for the burmese people. In 1946, it is where General Aung San demanded independence from the British before he was assasinated a year later. In the same place 42 years later, his daughter Aung San Suu Kyi would address half a million crowd to demand democracy from the military regime. The most important thing to remember when visiting this place? Take your shoes AND socks off. You have to go barefoot! ;) ?

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