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Prachtige video over het 16-gangen menu van restaurant Sixteen in Chicago

Een zeer bekend Amerikaans restaurant is Sixteen in Chicago, gerund door chef Thomas Lent. Deze zaak bevindt zich op de zestiende verdieping van het Trump Hotel. In bovenstaande video van Eater zie je het volledige 16-gangen menu in al haar glorie.

We hebben alle gangen voor jullie beschreven, zodat je kunt kijken én lezen wat erbij hoort.

De amuses:

1. Veiled Green and White Asparagus with Blood Orange and Curry
2. Comté Flan with Chive Flowers, Morels, and Asparagus Soup
3. Barley Porridge, Escargot, Mustard Greens and Juice
4. Carolina Gold Rice Congee, Sorghum, and Country Ham

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De voorgerechten:

5. Potato Soufflé with Sturgeon and its Caviar
6. Wild King Salmon, Crushed Favas, Fava Leaves, and Shiso
7. Loup de Mer in Whey, Wild Dill and Fennel, Clam, and Parsley, Horseradish Emulsion

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De hoofdgerechten:

8. Smoked Squab with Sour Cherry and Sorrel
9. Grass-fed, Dry-Aged Beef Ribeye, Fermented Ramps, Sprouting Alliums
10. Porcelet, Roast Brined Carrot, Buttermilk, and Ferns


De desserts:

11. Mandarin and Avocado Sorbet with Freeze Dried Mandarin
12. Pistachio and Yogurt Cake with Blueberry and Lavender Jam
13. Crème Fraiche Pannacotta with Rhubarb Compote and Buttermilk Chip
14. Toasted Milk and Strawberry Ice Cream, Poppy Seed Sable with Fresh Anise Hyssop
15. Pineapple, Verbena Mousse, Coffee Jelly, and Salted Caramel
16. Chocolate Cremeaux with Sesame Cake, Blackberry, and Sudachi

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Prachtige video over het 16-gangen menu van restaurant Sixteen in Chicago