Culy Gadgets 7 nov 2011

Italiaans ijs in héle mooie bakjes

Het Italiaanse ijs (gelato!) van Nonna Lina Gelato Italiano is verpakt in wel hele mooie bakjes. Ontworpen door het Braziliaanse Mr. Conde Studio.

“Mr. Conde Studio created and developed special packaging for ice cream brand Nonna Lina. A homemade Italian ice cream brand that has developed its revenues more than 60 years, this tradition was the starting point for creating the brand and its packaging. Made with the finest natural ingredients and grout developed in southern Italy, Nonna Lina ice cream has a philosophy to be the best soverte the world with the best flavor, better texture and promises to offer a passion for candy ice cream.”

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Italiaans ijs in héle mooie bakjes